레이디스 코드 (Eng: LADIES' CODE) is a South Korean girl group formed by Polaris Entertainment in 2013.

Their lineup originally consisted of five members; Rise, Ashley, EunB, Sojung, and Zuny.

To date, they have released three EPs and seven singles, as well as two songs featured on compilations.


Music history

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The girls began training and living together several months prior to their debut.

LADIES' CODE made their debut on March 7th, 2013, with the music video for Bad Girl, along with the EP CODE#01 Bad Girl. A music video for I Won't Cry was released on April 26th.

The song Hate You was released as a single, along with its music video, on August 6th.

After Zuny recovered, on September 5th, the second mini-album CODE#02 PRETTY PRETTY was released. The music video for Pretty Pretty was released the day before.

The music video and the single for So Wonderful were both released on February 13th, 2014.

LADIES' CODE was featured on the original soundtrack for the drama Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team with their song Make Me Go Crazy, released on May 16th.

On August 7th, they released the single KISS KISS, along with its music video.

Car accident

WARNING: The following contains sensitive information.
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At 1:20AM on September 3rd, 2014, LADIES' CODE's manager crashed their van. EunB was killed almost immediately while Rise and Sojung were severely injured. After many hours of surgery, Rise succumbed to her injuries at 10:10AM on September 7th. Sojung underwent several surgeries on her face and was able to fully recover. Ashley and Zuny received minor injuries.

In mid-September, Polaris released a music video for I'm Fine Thank You in honor of the lost girls, which included behind-the-scenes footage.

In late May 2015, it was announced that a memorial concert was being planned. The "I'm Fine Thank You Rise & EunB Memorial Concert" was held on August 22nd in Tokyo, Japan, at the Shinagawa Stellar-ball, in honor of Rise's dream that the group would someday perform in her home country.

At the concert, Polaris artists Kim Bum Soo, IVY, Rumble Fish, Sun Woo, Han Heejun, and Sojung performed a cover of I'm Fine Thank You. A music video, featuring the Polaris singers and videos of EunB and Rise, was projected onto a screen. The video and the single were later released on September 3rd, 2015, the one-year anniversary of the accident and EunB's death.

Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny performed their first song since the accident, I'll Smile Even if it Hurts, at the concert. It was released as a digital single on September 7th, the one-year anniversary of Rise's death, along with a lyric video.

Music history (continued)

On February 24th, 2016, LADIES' CODE officially returned as a trio with their album MYST3RY. The music video for Galaxy was also released that day. The album is the first part of a project called the Healing Trilogy.

A remix album, MYST3Re:, was released on March 30th.

The second part of the Healing Trilogy, STRANG3R, was released on October 13th. The music video for The Rain was also released that day.

On January 7th, 2017, LADIES' CODE appeared on the show Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend. They covered the song Butterfly by Loveholics. Their version of the song was released on a compilation album from that episode the same day.

On February 4th, the group competed on the JTBC singing show Sing For You. The girls, along with the ethnic fusion band 2nd Moon, performed the song All That Time, which was composed specifically for their performance on the show. This song was released on a compilation album the following day, along with the other songs from the episode.

On March 7th, 2018, LADIES' CODE held a fanmeet to celebrate their fifth anniversary, called CODE#R3BORN. This fanmeet serves as the third and final part of the Healing Trilogy.[1]

On December 12th, 2018, the girls released a "season song" called THE LAST HOLIDAY along with its music video.

Solo activities

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  • The Show Starts Now, Let's Go!

    The Show Starts Now, Let's Go!


    LADIES' CODE's name is meant to represent what women think and feel, and represent all women's heart.[2] Their goal is to represent women all over the world and tell their stories through charismatic and dramatic performances on stage.[3]
  • "레코" (LaCo) is the shortened name for LADIES' CODE in Korean, from the first letters in "레이디스" (Ladies) and "코드" (Code). In English, LADIES' CODE is typically shortened to its initials, "LC".
  • Their fans are called Lavely, a combination of the words "ladies" and "lovely".
  • LADIES' CODE's old greeting began with Ashley saying "Hey ladies!". Then, the other members chime in and together they say, "안녕하세요, 레이디스 코드 입니다!" (Eng: Hello, we are LADIES' CODE!). They would also make an "L" shape with their hands. Their current greeting is the same, but doesn't include "Hey ladies!" or the "L" hand sign.
  • Before their performances, the girls would huddle. Ashley would say, "The show starts now", a line from Dada La, and they would all break the huddle by shouting "Let's go!".
  • The girls have cited Brown Eyed Girls and Wonder Girls as influences for their music.[4][5]
  • Zuny was the last member to join the group, after the others had already learned the songs (from CODE#01 Bad Girl) and choreography. They welcomed her and made her feel like family nonetheless.[6]


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