고은비 (Eng: Go Eunbi, also known as EunB) was a sub vocalist of LADIES' CODE.


She was born in Seoul, South Korea, on November 23rd, 1992.[2]

She attended Nuri Preschool, Gadong Elementary School, Munjeong Middle School, and Hanlim Multi Art School.[3][4]

She was a FNC Entertainment trainee and trained alongside members of AOA. She was supposed to debut with them, but she thought she wasn't ready and left FNC.[5] She moved to Polaris, where she continued to train and eventually debuted with LADIES' CODE.

She passed away on September 3rd, 2014, as a result of the group's car accident.


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  • She has a younger sister named Eunbyul.[6][7]
  • She is related to SBS anchorman Kim Sungjoon.[8]
  • EunB shared a dorm room with Rise and Ashley.[9]
  • Her nickname is EunVitamin because of her optimistic and bright personality and ability to give others strength.[10]
  • EunB recorded a duet with HyunMin-A called Remember Me. She was supposed to film a music video for it when KISS KISS promotions were over, but was never able to.[11] HyunMin-A released a short snippet of the song on Instagram.[12] He stated on Twitter that he has been trying to release the full song but can't.[13]
  • WINNER's song HAVE A GOOD DAY, written by member Mino, was speculated to have been written about EunB. They attended high school together. He stated, "it’s a memorial song. I made it a long time ago when a friend of mine left for heaven due to a sudden accident."[14] The lyrics "I’ll remember our two kisses and the black and rainy day" reflect KISS KISS and the fact that it was raining on the night of the accident.


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